A Visual Experience of Transcendence
March 2009
A short animation I did for David Lynch on the experience of transcendence. 30 seconds and silent. A Visual Experience of Transcendence

Dear Dan
July 2007
Hey Dan remember the time... Strange reminiscing on events that may or may not have happened quite like the narrator remembers or even at all, but I’m sure most of it is true. dear dan

March 2007
A few strange experiments done over a couple of months compiled together. understanding

Department Store
Nov 2006
Inspired by a robust elderly woman in a floral pattern blouse that I saw one day standing outside of a second hand store.   department store

I Have Something Interesting toTell You.
April 2006
A little ditty I made one morning. At the time lots of people around me were talking about how content for cell phones was the hottest thing, so I wanted to make something small and colorful. This wasn't really intended as a "Supreme" animation but I thought I'd put it up anyway. something interesting

The Sessnog
June 2005
Here's one from the archieves.  A three act experimental thing-a-ma-jig.  Made before the Supreme Publication existed. sessnog

June 2004
This was my BFA final project, made from scanned pen and ink drawings. Currently it is silent and for that reason, I still feel it's unfinished. Originally it did have some sound design, but I felt it was too literal and obvious. If any of you sound geniuses out there want to take a crack at it let me know and I'll send you a the .mov file. Dave