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Friends… Friends of Mine

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"Friends of Mine", Acrylic on a 3x5 index card
“Friends… Friends of Mine”, Acrylic on a 3×5 index card.

“Story from North America” + my glum jadedness.

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Story from North America from Kirsten Lepore on Vimeo.

Yesterday I stumbled upon (not through the web service) this little video, which I absolutely love, and it got me thinking. Well, thinking, reminiscing and getting pissed off.
You see, I started thinking back to when I first started finding gems like this on the internet. Back around 99 to 00. Right when enough people started getting broadband to facilitate higher resolution videos online. It was like, bare with me on this shaky metaphor for moment, finding a new store where you could go try peoples home brewed beer. Some was good, lots was bad but it was new independent stuff that you couldn’t find anywhere else. I figured “Man, this place is going to do great, just wait ’til people start trying this stuff. Plus, surely the store is going to need more skilled independent brewers brewing exotic new beers to meet the demand.”
Now nine years later the store’s shelves are stocked floor to ceiling with Miller Light. You can still find the home brews every once in a while buried at the back of the shelves but the independent brewers never really took off. The lucky ones now work for Miller.
Well that’s enough of me being glum and jaded for now. Maybe I’ll go cheer myself up by watching something on the CW.

I Know Where You Holiday

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I  Know Where You Holiday

I Know Where You Holiday, acrylic on a 3x5 index card

Rad Randy’s Awesome Adventure Beta 00

07/16/09 1:17 pm CDT                                                                                                                Comments (4)

Rad Randy's Awesome Adventure

Here is the first beta version of a very short one level video game I’ve been working on called Rad Randy’s Awesome Adventure. I thought I’d post this as is and see what kind of a response I get from you guys.

I had been kicking around the idea of making a video game for years now and then about a month or so ago I finally got down to business. The programing so far has been surprisingly easy considering I have very little formal programing training.

I’m hoping that by posting this I’ll spark some interest in collaboration in this and other video game projects. I would love to work with people in especially in the areas of: 8bit music and sound effect creation, character animation (walkcycles, jumping, etc.), and money. Anyone have any ideas of how we could make some $ on this stuff?


Note: If you have a computer joystick / gamepad you can use it with this game by mapping the keyboard keys to it. I use a simple program called Joykey. Free download here.

Rad Randy's Awesome Adventure